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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Another school year is starting today.....

YAY! Im alone again! Another year is underway here and it was pouring rain during that rush hour of getting all the kids to school in town. YAY! kiddo is starting grade 8 this year and it seems to be smooth so far. she was excited to get back and yesterday we went by to see if we could get her list early so she didnt have too much first day anxiety....we did and she is still other then the rain this morning everything went great and its quiet now in my house...only me typing on the keyboard.

on August 30th me and hubby celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary. i really cant believe its been 6 years feels odd... in some ways it feels like only yesterday we met, fell in love and i moved here to marry him. but in other ways its like we have known each other for many many years and married longer then six years. Im still as much in love with him as i was when we first started talking to each other. there certainly is something to say about that.

"love you sweetie!"

Im still waiting to hear back from Imigration Canada about my papers. its been 2 months and a day since they got my papers in their hot little hands. now they are officially over the "average" wait time for the first stage of waiting. once this goes through then i will be able to watch the status of my file. but until them im in the dark.

today im feeling like crap. have a nasty chest cold that just isnt moving and it hurts to cough and my throat is all tore up. started antibiotics yesterday, so im hoping things will start to improve by tomorrow or over the weekend. I WANT SLEEP!....and im tired of coughing.

hope things are well with you and yours. be safe and much love to you.