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Friday, July 18, 2008

Im sure looking forward to winter......

Well well, this month has been one big roller coaster at our house and for the family.

the beginning of the month had me down and out with all the teeth issues and drug withdrawls. as far as that is going my mouth now is 90% feeling better and no more withdrawl symptoms from all the codine i was taking.

kiddo went to camp again this year and had a great time. this year she was in the "teen" camp and they did lots of fun activies....but she didnt do some of them cuz she had a big problem with the bugs/mosquitos (she has a major phobia). she came back all stinky and needing a shower so i know she had

we dropped her off at camp that saturday morning....we did a bit of running around Charlottetown with his mom. we went to a strawberry social event and had some great strawberry shortcake. we took her to do her grocery shopping.

after dropping off his mom we went to lunch on our own then waited for the Pride Parade that was scheduled in town for that day. IT WAS GREAT! we had a fun time at the parade and then went to the park for the rally and just hung out with a great bunch of people in the GLTB community.

during the week kiddo was at camp we re-did her bedroom. OMG, we through out over 100lbs of trash from her room and other stuff we had around. No lie, they weigh your car when you into waste management and then when you come out. INSANE. Oh, and the dust! my allergies were so bad all this week from the cleaning out of things the benedryl wasnt even helping. at the end of everyday we were so tired from cleaning, taking apart furniture and sorting junk.

got her a new bed, desk for homework and crafts (we dont allow her a computer in her room), new book case, two large rolling organizer draweres and a few new posters she had been talking about. we finished it the day before she was due home....i think it looks great and i wish it was my room (if i was a teenager).

during this week my mom informs me that my stepdad is in the hospital again. and they will know more as the week goes on if he is going to have to go into hospice care or not this time.

on the morning of pick up day for kiddo we get a call from hubbys oldest sister telling us that his mom was in the hospital over night. from what she was told, his mom who two months ago had a stroke...had gotten up during the night and while in the bathroom she passed out and fell to the ground. she was there for two hours until she was able to drag herself to the phone and call 911. the senior home didnt call any of the family. the only way any of us found out was his mom calling one of sister to come pick her up from the hospital.

doctor now informed us that she really shouldnt be alone for a minimum of three days...thats taken care of with her staying at one of hubbys sisters homes. then after that she is going to stay with one of her grandkids house until next thursday then with us for the following weekend.

things have already been decided she cant live alone anymore unfortunatly so hubbys older sister was planning on a move end of next month anyway so they are going to get a bigger place and have her live with them. my mother in law was ok with it and understands her situation which is a great deal of pressure off all of us since she agrees.

Kiddo LOVE LOVE LOVED her room. she cant stop saying how much she loves it. im so happy she does because we put so much work into getting things cleaned, old stuff sold, new stuff bought and put togetther.

called my mom tonight to find out she was in the middle of making calls to all the family (hadnt gotten to me yet) that my step dad isnt doing great and IS going to be going into hospice care and only given a month. didnt talk to my mom long since she was busy but will find out more tomorrow and talk to her then.

we were supposed to have a yard sale tomorrow but as our luck has it....we are due for lots of rain overnight into tomorrow and ending late afternoon. yeahhhhhhhh. so...we try again next weekend even if his mom is here. im planning on her not doing a darn thing when she is here and my foot is down on that. but we have to do this yard sale...i have so much stuff now to get rid of since cleaning everything out. oh we have a nice relaxing weekend instead.

im so tired. physically and emotionally. hope all is well with you this mid summers day. Oh, and if I hadnt mentioned it yet....I cant stand summer! the humidity and the summer bugs are driving me nuts.